Aims & Objectives Objectives

Objectives of the Foundation

Vission and Mission

To Support Poor Persons and Communities Affected with Aliments / Diseases.

Enhancement of women health in holistic approach through information, advocacy and service delivery.
To Engage in health and cancer awareness programs educating poor and needy people by conducting dree medical camps


To Provide and promote medical care to poor and needy people.

To give medical care in prevention and early detection of illness and cancer detection by cancer screening for poor people.

To obtain and exchange information for prevention and treatment of cancer.

To give grant and subsides or other assistance by providing medical camps for medical treatment and health education.

To provide health awareness among women and mothers of poor people.

To create awareness on sexual reproductive health and rights among adolscents.

To create awareness on cervical and breast cancer in women among poor people.


To provide best maternity and child health care and to reduce maternal mortality by educating poor people with the changes and complications that occur in pregnancy.

To give the best medical and surgical treatment for the poor patients and pregnant women by doing free medical camps.

To conduct seminars, work shops, conferences on health and education

To give medical treatment irrespective of caste, community, colour, nationality, religion and sex.

To make medical treatment available to victims of natural calamities such facilities of relief and rehabilitation as may be necessary.

To organize free medical campaigns and blood donation campaigns.

Providing Medical Services and Treatment for Communities in Rural and Uraban Populations in Pandamic Time(Ex-Covid-19 Pandamic) and Promoting Prevention of Diseases and HEALTH EDUCATION in Communities about Pandamic Diseases and Treatment.



To run, Maintain or assist any educational or other institution for coaching, guidance ,councilling or vocational training or to grant individual scholarships for poor, deserving and needy students for elementary and higher education or grant any sums to provide infrastructure for the common benefit of school/students at large.

To conduct meetings, conferences .camps to create awareness about education and ethical values among public especially among youth and children.

To organize and conduct classes to poor children free of cost in specialized subjects viz., Maths, Science etc.,

To establish schools to provide formal and non formal education for development of the people on charitable nature.


To establish schools to provide formal and non formal education for development of the people on charitable nature.

To establish and administer educational institution, industrial schools, technical institutions, vocational training centers, adult education centers etc..and to impart good standard of education to children and promote literacy among public so that they can become better citizens of the country.

To help economically, financially, backward / weak people for children education and health issues.

c. Relief of the poor – to give financial or other assistance in kind by way of distribution of books, notebooks, cloths, uniforms, or meals for the poor and indigent and to the persons suffer due to natural calamities directly or by way of donation and / or in coordination with an organization having similar objectives.

d. To represent or assist in the presentation of grievances of the public to the notice of the concern and government for redressal wherever possible.*

e. Art & Culture – to assist organizations or individuals who promote/spread art & culture in the society.

f. To Affiliate/Associate with any registered Trust/Society/ Organization or other recognized bodies for attainment of the above objectives.