What We Do Objectives

Our Activities

Children's Education

Economically Backward
To provide and promote medical care to poor and needy people.

Awareness on Cancer

Breast Cancer in Women
To create awareness on cervical and Brest cancer in women among poor people

Medical Health

For Poor People
To give medical care in prevention and early detection of illness and cancer detection by cancer screening for poor people

Medical Camps

To Educate Pregnancy People
To give the Best medical and surgical treatment for the poor patients and pregnant women by doing free medical camps

Maternity health

In Pregnancy
To provide best maternity and child health care and to reduce maternal mortality by educating poor people with the changes and complications that occur in pregnancy.

Education Camps

To youth & Children
To conduct meeting s, conferences, camps to create awareness about education and ethical values among publicespecially among youth and children.

Personality Development

Poor People
To give medical treatment irrespective of caste, community, colour, nationality, religion, education, relations and sex.

Education Development

For Needy People
To establish schools to provide formal and nonformal education for development of the people on charitable nature.